Free Fall

He stood on the ledge looking down. He had taken months to come to this decision. All his actions off late had led to this particular moment.

He took a deep breath. While he had made up his mind a long time ago, there was always a huge difference between imagining yourself doing something and actually doing it — especially if it meant hurling yourself off into a 300 foot gorge.

The clouds swirled around him. He had lied at home that he was off with his friends to a luxury resort. They would never have anyways understood his motives he thought.

He gave a wry smile even as the thought crossed his mind. Delaying the inevitable he told himself. He looked down once more into the gorge and steeled himself for the deed. He took a few steps back. Nay, he was not developing cold feet. He did not want his nerves and the interfering mind to stop him from doing what was must. So he took a running start and flung himself off into the chasm.

Free fall. He screamed even as random pieces of his life raced in front of his glazed eyes. Those late nights on the Marine drive musing about nothingness even as he tried to make sense of his life. The graduation party that his parents had thrown for him even as he had wondered why had he graduated as an engineer. Her beautiful face, even as she had bid a tearful goodbye saying that it could never have worked out between them. The kind old lady who had given him lift even as his car had broken down on Nashik Mumbai highway. His proud brother who would admonish him in private, but always back him in public.

Rohan wondered how long this was to continue. He felt as if he were falling for hours, and these random thoughts seemed to never end. But he was wrong.

The elastic cord first stretched and then recoiled, even as it broke his free fall. Even as his feet touched solid ground, he had already concluded that bungee jumping was not as exciting as he had imagined. Maybe he would have to go higher and try next time sky diving to give him an adrenaline rush. Normal pursuits of life had long since lost their charm for him…

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