The Ship of Life

Row Row, Row away ‘O’ Sailor

That Bridge is burnt
Those Memories are ash
The Time gone by is not coming back
Row Row, Row away ‘O’ Sailor

The river does not look back to its source
It flows on wards and forward from shore to shore
Trust your moral compass to leave the morass of old woes
Row Row, Row away ‘O’ Sailor

Nostalgia is a seductive sleep
It will sink your present hook line and sinker, when you least believe
Tarry there no further, 
Where there is not reason to linger
Row Row, Row away ‘O’ Sailor

There were those who jumped ship, in your most vulnerable need
Let them be, for they have their own battles to heed
Cherish those pole stars guiding you across starry skies, 
Or the tailwinds that push you forward without a nary sigh
Welcome aboard those who wish to experience the passage by your side
But never regret those burnt bridges ‘O’ Sailor of thy Life

Row Row, Row away ‘O’ Sailor

Off Love and Respect

Love is like the tides of the seas
It ebbs and surges in the throes of endless cycles of time

Respect however…
Respect is like the old woods and forests of yore
It grows with every drop of rain like promise forever kept yet untold

Love is like the many faces of the moon
It waxes and wanes with milestones of life passing by too soon

Respect however…
Respect is like the ancient mountains of our lore
Once risen from bowels of darkness, its pinnacle shines until time turns to stone

Strive for respect,
For love will always come and go
However, respect will always stay close,
As long as you stay true to your efforts and let the relationship unfold

©Nirav Shah

Photo credits: Patrick Tomasso

The flying cherry blossoms

The sky was an upset grey,
It was a bittersweet end to the day,
The earth was covered in hues of pink,
The Sakura had begun to shed its tears…
The cherry blossoms had been dispersed,
For the world to enjoy their fragrance,
It was an abrupt end to their time together,
But such is life, and its for them to cherish their past forever…
It’s hardly a poem, since there is no rhyme, and it’s precisely the reason why it suits the ocassion best. Yesterday, the students of class of 2020 had to leave their home of last one year, this being the ISB campuses in Hyderabad and Mohali. Unfortunately, this was not the planned send off everyone was hoping for. It was a precautionary measure taken by the school, in light of the Corona virus outbreak. Goodbyes were short and tearful for many, with plans to celebrate last few weeks at ISB abruptly aborted. But such is life, man proposes and God (in this case Nature) disposes…
P.s. it’s highly likely that the tree is not a cherry blossom, but for me it is one of the most beautiful ones on the campus, and a representative of the amazing campus that we shared till yesterday.

The Moth’s Flight

I hover around these halogens burning bright
While I search for my precious star light
My path is in the dark, even as these neons burn the night,
Damn it’s difficult to follow my inner compass,
Where can i find my northstar?

It’s been a tiring night,
I meet many a brethren knocking on these unnatural lights
Hopefully, someone in them, would shine the path bright

” Would you like me to tell you who I am? & What my dreams may be?”
Said I hopefully to the nearest lamp, Maybe there’s a kindred spirit who understands my kind

“The path you traversed thus far,
Does not interest me,
Your dreams are not mine,
You would do well,
to speak with the next lamp you see
For they may light up the path that you seek”

Lost and confused,
I cried my heart out,
Where are you my starlight
Why won’t you hear me out

Came the words from my inner soul,
Trust your wings, and heart to the core,
It’s only to the steadfast that real stars themselves show,
For when the night is the darkest, and you feel there is no hope,
That is when the stars shine the brightest
And guide those who dare to tread the path in the unknown
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The Goddess’s Arrival ©Nirav Shah

The skies darkened and thunder roared,
Pitchforks of lightening came crashing from above,
She’s Kali, the destroyer, the vanquisher of our kin,
Quivered those who’s hearts were full of sin…

The skies darkened and thunder roared,
The nectar like rain quenched the parched earth’s soul,
She’s Gowri, the nourisher, the Mother divine,
So sang toiling bodies with calloused palms folded up high…

Each saw her through the prism of their worldly lives
But, she is the supreme, the creator and the destroyer,
She needs no human intervention, to announce her coming
The thunder is her herald and weapon,
The rain her bounty and blessing…

Even gods need her, to live amongst earthly beings
You call her Durga, Kali, Mariam or Fatimah it matters not
She is here, and it’s time to bow down for her blessings…

Pic : Soumik Das

The pathfinder

When your mind is in a haze,
Remember, it’s just another phase,
Focus on the north star of your soul,
And you will always reach home,
Finding your way through the life’s maze…

Couplet © Nirav Shah

One of the perks of my previous job was that it gave me an opportunity to travel quite a bit, and traveling by planes has its own thrill.

During one of my visits to Egypt, it was particularly poor weather and visibility was pathetic. However, it was a unique moment for me to see the evening Sun, no larger than a pea shinning like a beacon right through the haze…had to grab my Nikon to shoot the amazing view then and there.
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Chhedi ek guftgu bande ne Apne parvardigar se,
To pucha Bande se khud Khuda ne
‘bata kya hai teri khwahish?’

‘Banade mujhko itna be garaz, ki pyar Dil khol kar karu
Par Dil de kar Dil Lene ki aas na rakhu
Jab Dil tute to shikwa ke bina duaaon Ko Ada karu
Aur jab sachha saathi mile, to tujhe shukriya kahu’

Sunkar khwahish hua Khuda hairaan

‘Aisi takat to mujhme bhi nahi ki puri karu teri ye aarzu
Yeh hai teri khud hi se khudki ek Jang,
Tolna hoga khudko, banke khud hi ek tarazu.

Jeet hai mushkil, par nahi hai namumkin
Jab utarle yeh taleem apne zehen me to ana milne ek baar,
Azad Mai bhi Azad tu bhi, kyonki tab tu hoga khud apna Parvardigar

poem ©Nirav Shah

Photo : Liane Metzler

Ek sunheri raat…

Ek arse ke baad mile yeh dono in sitaron ke tale,
Kitna kuch kehna hai ek duje se,
Phir bhi hain dono ke hoth sile,
Mann me ek hi sawal ‘Kahan shuru karu, sun ne batane ko hai kaee kisse !’

Par lafzon ka kya kaam yahan,
Jab aankhe khud hai is Dil ki Zubaan,
Bina kuch bole, dono hain nayi yaadein batorte.
Par afsos, Dunya ka hai dastur ki guzarjati har aisi sunheri raat,
Na chahte hue bhi chhodna hoga dono ko ek duje ka saath.

Par mayus nahi hain dono aaj yahan,
Kya pata kis mod pe, kis raah pe,
Fir miljaye yuhin kabhi dono inhi sitaron ke tale…

Image credits – Benjamin Davies