In galiyaron ne dekhe hain kaee kisse,
Kuch the bichadte doston ke,
Kuch the naye bante rishton ke..
Inhi galiyaron se guzre har ek musafir ke kadam,
Koi hai ek CEO aaj, to koi aur, ek likhti Kalam…

In galiyaron ne badi shiddat se sambhale hain inhi bisri hui yaadon ko,
Har naye bande ko sunati kisi guzre hue lamhon ki Dastaan ko…
Fraz hai mera, karu kuch to anokha,
Yeh galiyaren bhi kahen yeh kissa to humne bhi nahi dekha…
Kyonki, inhi galiyaron ne dekhe hain kaee kisse…



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The long night

A wistful smile here,
A tight hug there..
His signs of leaving were everywhere.
Each day feels like an eon since he left,
Even if it’s only two-score moons nonetheless.
The days seem endless,
The nights are long,
She awaits the return of her lover long gone.
Tonight is another such night beneath the crescent moon,
her gaze lingers far into the gloom.
“Come back…” she whispers into the caressing wind,
Even as it It carries back the soldier’s undaunted response…
“I will” says he, soothed in the tiny nightingale,
And so ended another night of wait,
Even as the fading stars heralded the coming of another day…


Hamare man ke andheron me kuch khwahishen thi,
Hamare man ke andheron me kuch tamannaein thi,
Man hi man sochte rahe gaye, bina sukarm kiye inhe haasil karne ki guzarish thi,
Bhul gaye ki roshni dene ki aas me khud suraj ko jalna padta hai,
Ichhaon ko pura karne ke liye man se nikal kar chunoti se do do haath karna padta hai

Vengence will be hers …

The leaves preened in the morning light,

“It is us who put the food on the table, without us you would shrivel and die”



The branches looked down on them in disdain,

“You are barely hanging there at our mercy, a slight twitch, and you will be flying adrift in pain”


The trunk’s baritone silenced them for long,
“You two are nothing but quibbling children, for it is I who protects you by braving the swelling storm”


“But I am not done yet ” wheezed in the ancient roots, “for I am the father of you all, to the boot”


And so continued an eons old argument, through trees of every size and breed, Until… there came an unknown storm – a biped out to destroy every trunk root and seed.


“So who’s the master off ye all?” scoffed the man, brandishing his bloodied Axe…
The nature’s spirit rumbled in the bowels of the nether world, “the tree is mine and so is every storm, “I suffer neither fools nor braggarts, so be warned”


For every downed tree, the spirit groans in pain, until there would be a day when it’s dam of forbearance will wash away …


Beware, beware, beware the coming of that day…

The longing gaze

He admired it from a distance,
A pauper of the streets gazing longingly at the splendour far from his reach.

It was bedecked in strings of pearls and jewels seen only in his vision,
Rubies, emeralds, sapphiers of different kinds and myriad versions.

Today is an important day, had declared the lords of this ivory tower,
Celebrate we will by lighting up all the pantheons of power.

Enthralled by this marvellous show, sank the pauper back to his station,
Why go back to that unlit home when stars themselves have graced this occasion…

Breaking Dawn

As the rays crept along the rugged knolls,
I lifted my palm in front of my squinting eyes even as my tears flowed.

Lo behold as lord Surya made his majestic presence felt, I knelt in gratitude just to have experienced his splendour afresh.

I thanked the invisible stars for giving me another chance, another dawn, to enrich my life, even as Lord Surya beckoned towards a new chapter from the bright sky…