The flying cherry blossoms

The sky was an upset grey,
It was a bittersweet end to the day,
The earth was covered in hues of pink,
The Sakura had begun to shed its tears…
The cherry blossoms had been dispersed,
For the world to enjoy their fragrance,
It was an abrupt end to their time together,
But such is life, and its for them to cherish their past forever…
It’s hardly a poem, since there is no rhyme, and it’s precisely the reason why it suits the ocassion best. Yesterday, the students of class of 2020 had to leave their home of last one year, this being the ISB campuses in Hyderabad and Mohali. Unfortunately, this was not the planned send off everyone was hoping for. It was a precautionary measure taken by the school, in light of the Corona virus outbreak. Goodbyes were short and tearful for many, with plans to celebrate last few weeks at ISB abruptly aborted. But such is life, man proposes and God (in this case Nature) disposes…
P.s. it’s highly likely that the tree is not a cherry blossom, but for me it is one of the most beautiful ones on the campus, and a representative of the amazing campus that we shared till yesterday.

The Moth’s Flight

I hover around these halogens burning bright
While I search for my precious star light
My path is in the dark, even as these neons burn the night,
Damn it’s difficult to follow my inner compass,
Where can i find my northstar?

It’s been a tiring night,
I meet many a brethren knocking on these unnatural lights
Hopefully, someone in them, would shine the path bright

” Would you like me to tell you who I am? & What my dreams may be?”
Said I hopefully to the nearest lamp, Maybe there’s a kindred spirit who understands my kind

“The path you traversed thus far,
Does not interest me,
Your dreams are not mine,
You would do well,
to speak with the next lamp you see
For they may light up the path that you seek”

Lost and confused,
I cried my heart out,
Where are you my starlight
Why won’t you hear me out

Came the words from my inner soul,
Trust your wings, and heart to the core,
It’s only to the steadfast that real stars themselves show,
For when the night is the darkest, and you feel there is no hope,
That is when the stars shine the brightest
And guide those who dare to tread the path in the unknown
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The longing gaze

He admired it from a distance,
A pauper of the streets gazing longingly at the splendour far from his reach.

It was bedecked in strings of pearls and jewels seen only in his vision,
Rubies, emeralds, sapphiers of different kinds and myriad versions.

Today is an important day, had declared the lords of this ivory tower,
Celebrate we will by lighting up all the pantheons of power.

Enthralled by this marvellous show, sank the pauper back to his station,
Why go back to that unlit home when stars themselves have graced this occasion…