The Goddess’s Arrival ¬©Nirav Shah

The skies darkened and thunder roared,
Pitchforks of lightening came crashing from above,
She’s Kali, the destroyer, the vanquisher of our kin,
Quivered those who’s hearts were full of sin…

The skies darkened and thunder roared,
The nectar like rain quenched the parched earth’s soul,
She’s Gowri, the nourisher, the Mother divine,
So sang toiling bodies with calloused palms folded up high…

Each saw her through the prism of their worldly lives
But, she is the supreme, the creator and the destroyer,
She needs no human intervention, to announce her coming
The thunder is her herald and weapon,
The rain her bounty and blessing…

Even gods need her, to live amongst earthly beings
You call her Durga, Kali, Mariam or Fatimah it matters not
She is here, and it’s time to bow down for her blessings…

Pic : Soumik Das